Extend Your Resources without Costly Overhead  
Businesses must work leaner to compete in today's marketplace, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on IT expertise. From sound IT advice to management tools and custom software applications, Executive Direction's experts can partner with you to develop custom IT solutions that meet your company's needs.

As a seamless member of your team, we will keep your business current with the latest technology and software upgrades and help devise the best IT strategies to keep your team productive and your business competitive.

Management Tools.
  Network infrastructure services
  Architecture management
  Risk analyses management
  Regulatory compliance services
  Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  Business process management (BPM) and collaboration
  Data warehousing
  Testing and quality assurance
  Knowledge management
  Content management
  Storage management
  VoIP solutions
  Server virtualization
Custom Applications.
  Application development and integration
  Security and privacy applications
  Customer relationship management (CRM)
  Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  RFID and asset tracking
  Business intelligence
  Web services
  Supply chain management
Extend your resources with superior expertise.
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Extend Your Resources without Costly Overhead
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"Executive Direction recognizes the fine line between 'experience' and 'aptitude;' they focus on filling specific positions with the best talent in the industry." — Zod Nazem, Executive VP & CTO, Yahoo, Inc.