Your IT Challenges Become Our IT Challenges  
You wouldn't ask the head of marketing to balance your books, and you wouldn't ask your accountant to head up your sales team. So why use an IT firm without expertise in exactly the services you need?
Since the day Fred Naderi and Rick Decker founded Executive Direction in 1979, they have organized their business to address customers' needs and deliver value through knowledge and expertise. Our dedicated staff of 120 employees is supplemented by 70,000 IT professionals, hand-chosen over the course of 27 years and at the ready in our exclusive, proprietary database. These experts stay within our "family" of assignments and understand the challenges you face. They extend your resources and bring personal attention to every project or initiative — delivering the specific services and skills your project demands. We also manage all aspects of the consultants we provide, from benefits, to travel arrangements, to supervision, and we lead any initiatives your team requests.
Expert advice, custom IT solutions.
With a focus on four main industries — financial services, technology and software, life sciences and healthcare, and energy and utilities — you can trust that we know the ins and outs of your business. Our experts deliver sound advice and unrivalled service, management and support for all your projects. Our custom IT solutions will help your company be more secure, comply with government regulations, improve business processes, develop custom applications, keep your system running smoothly and ultimately grow your business.
Let's work together to reach your business goals.
You can trust us to be the backbone of your team and work with you to tackle all your IT challenges. Call us toll free at 866.620.4300 or email us today.