Financial Services Client Successes  
Major Asset Management Firm
Project type: business continuity planning and disaster recovery
Project summary: This major investment bank engaged Executive Direction to assist in developing a comprehensive business continuity plan (BCP) program. The program that was developed identified the critical business functions and determined the potential impact of business systems downtime. Since the risks were very significant, the bank asked EDI to help put together a team of people from business, engineering, infrastructure, operations, and application development and support to design a solution, which mitigated all the major risks and worked toward implementing the same.
Major Asset Management Firm
Project type: e-commerce application
Project summary: This major asset management firm client asked EDI to develop a multitier e-commerce application for supporting private clients, which is currently in progress. The application will provide a highly secure login, which will be accessed by brokers and clients so they can run reports and verify accounts. The system is comprised of Netscape Enterprise Servers version 3.6 as Web servers and BEA WebLogic servers 4.5.1 as application servers on UNIX, with Sybase as the backend data source. EDI is the development partner for this application with deliverables including fully tested applications and test plans.
Major National Bank
Project type: strategic outsource solution
Project summary: EDI's consultants were responsible for network engineering and assurance of real-time data related to this major national bank's ATM systems on the west coast. Through this strategic outsourcing solution, Executive Direction has delivered quality services over a four-year period for this bank — while simultaneously providing significant cost savings of 26 percent.
Major National Bank
Project type: enterprise-wide applications testing, evaluations and recommendations
Project summary: This client desired the ability to track the actual costs for testing and a way to better understand the financial relationship between testing and other aspects of software development within the organization. Each of the work efforts by Executive Direction resulted in a written report documenting the data collected, including the analysis of that data and recommendations. A full briefing and discussion with managers was provided in addition to executive briefings at the end of the overall project.
Analysis phases/components were built to collect necessary application defect information, regardless of when the defect was found (production, system test, regression test). This integrated view of software defect reporting indicated to the client quality problems and the possible causes of these problems. A testing cost analysis provided management with cost analysis breakdowns of the testing expenditures associated with placing software into production in the client's environment.
This data analysis is now used to determine strategies to improve the test process and for suggestions regarding areas that require more focus. It is also used to recommend changes to cost reporting, clarify the overall cost analysis and track individual projects. Company-wide test participation delivered a specific set of recommendations to ensure that leaders of all projects understand the purpose and benefit of ET test procedures/reports and the advantages of incorporating these processes into standard project planning.
Major National Bank
Project type: program management Internet application
Project summary: Executive Direction's senior program manager managed the back-end projects for this major Internet application. The client's system uses industry-standard technologies, such as Oracle, Java, PL/SQL, WebLogic and Sun. The application provided is responsible for both business-driven initiatives (e.g., pricing and funding model) and system-driven (e.g., reengineering and performance) initiatives. It is also responsible for overall program management as well as technical project management of individual, large projects (requirements, scope management, project planning and control, resourcing, budget management, communications and risk management). During an 18-month period, performance through this application helped manage transaction volumes that increased by 60 percent.
Major National Bank
Project type: Web-based project management system
Project summary: EDI's senior .NET consultant used C# and Oracle to enable the client to integrate its existing project management systems with Web-based Plainview. This involved reworking complex DTS packages and stored procedures, and contributed to a 4-hour decrease in overnight batch processing.
Major National Bank
Project type: transaction risk management evaluation and recommendations
Project summary: In response to this major national bank's needs, EDI's senior business analyst researched, documented and developed process flows for multiple business units. She identified risks and assisted business and technology areas in risk identification and mitigation. These business units were then able to quickly move into the self-assessment risk tool. Critical dependencies and handoffs were identified in conjunction with the business/technical units, risk was documented and mitigation and action plans were developed.
Major Asset Management Firm
Project type: Onyx implementation and support
Project summary: This large asset management firm engaged Executive Direction in providing functionality support to the existing business processes at the firm. The EDI team established a scalable, software-driven, lead management process to increase productivity and pipeline visibility, and support the rapidly growing organization. EDI integrated the processes and information of the various departments into a central system. An Onyx customer relationship management (CRM) platform was established as the center point of the client's front-office applications. A number of the client's front office applications were also replaced to simplify the IT environment.
Major National Bank
Project type: operating system upgrade and rollout
Project summary: EDI's team worked with this major national bank's team to complete an operating system upgrade — a Windows 95 front end/Novell 4 backend upgrade for 100 new sites throughout Texas, Colorado, Utah and Las Vegas. These tasks included creating the image, software packaging, distribution, server builds, engineering and customer support. Later, the group successfully rolled out Windows 2000.
Major Asset Management Firm
Project type: order consolidation and execution management
Project summary: For this major asset management firm, Executive Direction was involved in the analysis, development and implementation of OCEM in Fidessa Trader's Workbench, a complex suite of integrated real-time investment, sales and trading desk software products. EDI handled the customizing issues for OCEM in the Fidessa Trading System Trade History Control, monitoring the trading activity by users.
Satisfied Clients
"Executive Direction demonstrated a sincere interest in understanding my team's skill set and experience requirements instead of sending a barrage of 'almost' candidates. Their personal attention and professional focus on our needs added value and contributed to our group's success. That's critical with today's time-to-market drivers. EDI is my primary source for finding the industry's best talent today." — Ross Lillestol, Technology Manager, Corporate Information Security, Wells Fargo Bank
"We've worked with EDI for six years, and they have consistently provided us with outstanding candidates, both for contractor and permanent positions. Plus, their staff is very easy to work with and is of the highest integrity." — Greg Frank, Vice President, Risk Management
Bank of America
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Charles Schwab
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JP Morgan Chase
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Silicon Valley Bank
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